Factory assembled and small field erected cooling tower, air coolers and air condenser for oil & gas, HVAC, food processing.


STEALTH is our state-of-the-art impeller developed for low noise installations in small medium cooling equipment. Its unique full metal construction allows the installation in critical applications where low noise and high temperature requirements merge tighter. The S.M.A.R.T. technology reduces mechanical stress and vibrations as well. #Diameter Range: 6 to 16 feet #Available Blade Profiles: 4A, 7A (aluminum alloy) #Blade Pitch adjustment: manual #Materials: Hub in aluminum or galvanized steel, Blade shaft in hot dip galvanized, Fasteners in galvanized or stainless steel


Mainly installed on air coolers in LNG plants with noise constraints

ACHE, Cooling Towers

Widely diffused as OEM first equipment on factory assembled cooling towers for HVAC applications in urban areas and public buildings (i.e. Hospitals) with stringent noise constraints

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