Factory assembled and small field erected cooling tower, air coolers and air condenser for oil & gas, HVAC, food processing.



Designed to operate in harsh environments and explosion proof areas, the STD is an extremely versatile impeller. The S.M.A.R.T. technology reduces mechanical stress, vibrations, noise. #Diameter Range: 7 to 16 feet #Available Blade Profiles: 2A, 3A, 4A (aluminum alloy) - 4F (fiberglass) #Blade Pitch adjustment: manual & automatic #Materials: Hub in aluminum, Blade shaft in hot dip galvanized, Fasteners in galvanized or stainless steel



ACHE, Cooling Towers

Installed on water and oil ACHE coolers and hydrocarbon mix air cooled condensers

Installed on package and field erected cooling towers operating in sugar mills and food factories

Cooling Towers

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