Factory assembled cooling tower, air coolers and air condenser for oil & gas, HVAC, food processing.


BE FOCUSED ON YOUR CORE BUSINESS, MOVING AIR IT'S OUR PROBLEM !!! To reduce our client’s time-to-market and optimize design and performances, we provide customized fan units as one-assembly that can be equipped with impeller, fan stack, electric motor, transmission, VFD, vibrations and temperature controls, greasing device, protection guards. Special low-energy design and ATEX certification could be also supplied if required. #Diameter Range: 4 to 8 feet (other sizes available on demand) #Available Blade Profiles: 2A, 3A, 4A (aluminum alloy) - 4F (fiberglass) #Blade Pitch adjustment: manual or automatic #Materials: Hub in aluminum or galvanized steel, Blade shaft in hot dip galvanized, Stack in galvanized steel or coated with your Company color and logo, Fasteners in galvanized or stainless steel


Mainly installed on gas-turbine and steam-turbine auxiliary services air coolers


Widely diffused as OEM first equipment on package cooling tower (factory assembled)

Cooling towers & auxiliary services air coolers

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